Beware and be mindful

Beware and be mindful

After 2018, less new recruits or recruits were at a standstill; jobs became concise and foreign recruits stopped.  It was also observed that there was also a decrease in the demand for those returning from abroad. 

Hence, skilled workers did not change their jobs or in other words, they remain at the same workplace.

In the past, it was Employee Market.

Nowadays, it is Employer Market.

For the respective posts, competencies become an important issue.

It is not sufficient only with the skills.

What are skills?

What are competencies?  We ought to know them.

They seem to be similar but they are different.

Skills: cleverness at doing something, resulting either from practice or from natural ability; a job or an activity that requires training and practice.  The certificates obtained by you prove your skills.

Competencies: “competency”, a noun derived from the adjective “competent”, meaning capable or skilled.

Skills (what you have learnt) + knowledge (what you have studied) + abilities (what you are capable or clever in practical ways), add up together is called “competencies”

If you apply the skills and knowledge together with your abilities, the achievements/the results are called “competencies”.

You will not get an achievement/a result either only with skills or only with knowledge.  If you possess skills & knowledge, then, you can demand for an attractive salary.  Those who do not have abilities will not get “a place” and such persons, should have the skills & knowledge to get the achievement/result.  For this purpose, they need to take time.

You should be determined to take up a job; then only you will really know your ability.  At the workplace, you must be able to handle the respective duties assigned to you.  Although you have the skills and knowledge, you will not be able to handle your duties without your abilities.  Therefore, I would like to encourage you to try your best with your assigned duties.  Avoid boasting that you have skills and knowledge.  We are now in new era, where it is rare “to find a place” for those persons without abilities.

Changes are progressing nowadays: if you do not make an effort to stand on your own feet, it would be difficult for you.  You should remember that nothing can be obtained easily and free.  Hence, you should realize, understand, and see the situations.