The hands that rock the cradle can rule the world

The hands that rock the cradle can rule the world

In the past, it was only men who had to work to earn the living for his family.  Women on the other hand, in those days used to stay home only to look after her children as well as her spouse and take care of the household chores.

However, nowadays women no longer stay at home but they take up jobs like men and carry out their duties in their respective domains.  Therefore, more active population with increased productivity, leading to further development in the world of the international businessman.

Women unlike men, have more responsibilities compared to men: by nature, a woman has to carry the unborn child in the womb, gives birth and breastfeeds her child. Although they are performing their assigned duties satisfactorily on equal status with men, they do not neglect the “mother’s responsibilities”.  Hence, we should look with pride at such mothers and provide them any necessary assistance at the workplace.

The World Health Organization [WHO] encourages “mothers” at workplace to get the following support from their employers:

  • To respect the prescribed laws (of the country) related to maternity leave [entitled maternity leave with full pay]

  • To create a private room enabling the mother to breastfeed her child

  • To arrange a suitable place within the workplace enabling the mother to bring her child  

  • To allow flexible working hours

  • To agree “work from home”

  • To adjust a part-time job

For a mother, breastfeeding the child is important as it is vital for the health status of the child, especially for its intellectual development.  Consequently, arrangements should be made to enable mothers to breastfeed within the workplace which will then bring out a brighter development for the future generation.

According to UNICEF, it is necessary for a mother to breastfeed the newborn baby until 6 months.  Upon completion of the maternity leave, when a mother resumes her duties, she should still be able to continue breastfeeding her baby. Therefore, it is suggested that employers should arrange a suitable place within the workplace for “mothers” to breastfeed her child.